About us

Autokabina is a company that produces professional spray booths for clients from Poland and abroad.

Who we are?

Bensis Sp z o.o. Sp. k

We are a manufacturer of spray booths and preparation zones under the Autokabina brand


Autokabina is a company with over 25 years of experience in designing and building customized solutions for the paint spraying industry.


We produce small and very large industrial cabins, economical preparation zones and shower walls that are located in various European countries.


In order to improve the quality of equipment used in the varnishing industry, we introduce modern booth elements to improve their speed, efficiency and work safety in the varnishing booth.

Design and development

Each spray booth is designed to meet the needs of each client. This way we can be sure that our customers receive the most optimal cabin according to their needs.

Engineering and technology

Our team of engineers ensures that all technical parameters of the work are optimal. There are many factors that play a key role in a spray booth, such as air flow, the correct temperature, and overall proper booth operation.

Assembly and installation

The spray booth is pre-prepared, which saves time assembling and installing the booth on site.

Our team of fitters installs the spray booth and fully prepares it for work.