Falcon Preparatory Zone

What is the Falcon Preparatory Zone?

Our Preparatory Zone is designed to eliminate dust generated during work such as grinding, polishing, smoothing, puttying, small painting with paints and primer, or similar tasks.

For small area preparation, it is also possible to apply lacquer. Additional equipment such as a fume arm, vacuum cleaner, pneumatic lift, etc. can also be used.

Inside the wall, there is an exhaust fan driven by an electric motor through V-belts. The polluted air is suctioned through a two-stage filtration system (labyrinth cardboard filter and Paint Stop filter). Then it is directed to the ventilation duct, where there is a bag filter that captures the smallest particles.

The duct has the possibility of changing the direction of the outlet air, which allows the device to be positioned in such a way that the air is directed back into the work area or sent out through the outlet pipe located on the roof.

Standard dimensions
(Single Zone *)

Extraction wall height: 2 m
Width: 3.6 m
Length: 6 m
Height: 3 m

* Double Zone Model – 2x the size of the Single Zone Model.
Multiple preparation zones can be combined.

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