We provide comprehensive services in the field of paint booths: from production, through modernization, to after-sales service


Technical solutions for industrial applications and beyond.


Modernization and upgrading of the paint booth


Service and/or maintenance of paint booths and related products.

Sheet metal work

Cutting, punching, bending sheet metal and other components of paint booths.

We stand out for our innovative industrial solutions.

From concept to execution

We have our own team of engineers who design new equipment according to the requirements of our clients.

We have completed many different projects in various industrial sectors, with very specific needs and diverse applications (buses, tankers, furniture, laboratories, etc.).

We are capable of:

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Upgrade your spray booth


Why do we modernize the paint booth?

Autokabina offers modernization of existing paint booths

To obtain more information regarding the modernization of your paint booth, please contact us.

Professional Paint Booth Service


Autokabina offers a one-year warranty period with technical service.

Our technicians have undergone appropriate training and possess full technical knowledge regarding all the equipment manufactured by our company.

Cutting, punching, and bending of metal sheets

Sheet metal works

Cutting of metal sheets

The guillotine is designed for cutting materials such as black steel, coated steel (color), galvanized steel, titanium zinc, aluminum, copper, brass, cardboard, paper, veneers and foils, PVC, and other materials. It is possible to prepare formats and strips of various types. Below you will find approximate cutting parameters.

Maximum cutting dimensions:
Max sheet thickness: 5mm
Max cutting length: 4000mm

Bending of metal sheets

The punching machine is used for making “clean” cuts with a tool. Modern design solutions, such as high rigidity of the device or innovative driving and measurement techniques, ensure the punching of high-quality elements that are also available at very competitive prices.

Maximum cutting dimensions:
Max sheet thickness: 2mm
Max sheet size: 4000mm x 1250mm

Cutting of metal sheets

The press brake is a device used for bending metal sheets and edging them at any angle along the lines defined by shaping tools. Modern software and digital control enable a 100% repeatability of the elements.

Among the most frequently ordered services are bending of sheet metal, sheet metal working, as well as the production of various types of angles and channels. We process materials such as different types of black steel, coated steel, galvanized steel, titanium zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, brass, and other materials.

Maximum cutting dimensions:
Max sheet thickness: 4mm
Max cutting length: 4000mm