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Frequently asked questions

Questions and Answers

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We understand that each working area is different, so thanks to our many years of experience and qualified engineering staff, we are able to design cabins optimally suited to the available space.

By changing the speed of electric motors: In our standard, we use VFD (Variable Frequent Drivers) inverters, which ensures savings of at least 30% from the engines. Using a VFD can save a total of 50% on cab labor costs.

By recovering heat from the exhaust air: We can implement heat recovery system with aluminum cross heat exchanger and by-pass. This saves more than 50% of the heat lost from the exhaust air and can be used to pre-heat the drawn in fresh air.

By means of energy-saving electric components: In our standard we use Siemens IE2 motors and Philips HF (High Frequent) lamp ballasts.

By controlling the process via a microprocessor panel with multiple program selections: We use the innovative “FOCUS 15” touch panel with thousands of options for programming and setting parameters for the configuration of all commands. The keys are translated into the native language.

Yes, we produce cabins in accordance with the European directive EN13335. We can further modify each cabin if there are other local requirements that need to be met

Yes, we only use leading brands and products with which we have many years of experience. For example: Siemens, Belimo, Schneider, HV AC, Philips, Telemecanique, Omron, etc

Yes, we adhere to safety regulations. All shower cabins are equipped with simple emergency exit doors (anti-panic)

Noise: After many years of experience, we design shower cubicles that are as quiet as possible. In fact, our shower cubicles are very quiet.

Lighting: Our self-developed AKB HF lamps have a special reflector to achieve 20% more light reflection in the spray booth.

Yes, thanks to VFD (Variable Frequent Drivers) sensors and inverters, we perfectly control the pressure in the cabin during all cycles. Cab pressure is dependent on airspeed and airflow

Yes, our dealers and service team are ready to help with any problems that may arise while working in the spray booth. Thanks to our help desk, we are able to solve many problems, free of charge.

We make sure that our shower cabins look their best. We are proud of our products and we are sure that they look clean, modern and professiona